A Video is Worth 10,000 Words

You see them everywhere. Whether it’s a full-length documentary or a short clip on Facebook, a well-produced video is far more likely to capture and hold people’s attention than any other medium. So if a picture is worth 1000 words, surely a video is worth 10,000 words. For many, the thought of creating videos can be intimidating, but in this article, we give you a taste of what to expect from hitting the record button.

When MTV launched in 1981, video killed the radio star. Three decades later, video is still making a killing by helping brands of all sizes reach out to their target audience and tell their story. In fact, 90 percent of customers admitted that product videos influenced their buying decisions.

Whether it’s an explainer video or a customer success story, you can quickly bring your brand’s story to life and accomplish the following goals at once:

Brand awareness

Lead generation

Customer acquisition

User engagement

Customer retention

When you put a face or a personality behind a brand, it helps you build a connection with your prospects and customers. This connection strengthens the vital know, like, trust factors required to win business.


Let’s take a look at examples of two videos used by brands in their website. One is done remarkably well while the other one may have good intentions but it went horribly wrong.

This hilarious 3-minute video by Squatty Potty boosted the toilet stool brand’s sales by 600 percent. Why it’s effective? The creators behind the video were successful in turning what seems to be an unsexy product into something that everyone can relate to.

Meanwhile, this Microsoft infomercial on Cortana may be professionally done but it is obviously devoid of personality. It has been described as cringe-worthy, embarrassing, and truly awful.

Your Turn

The good news is that video production these days is not as complex and time-consuming as it was in the past. Get started with a simple slideshow. You probably already have an application that can create slideshows and it’s pretty easy to throw in a few photos, add some narration and output a decent result. Just go easy on the background music. Nothing screams cheap more than elevator music.

Get some feedback from your team and if they don’t cringe, publish it and measure the improvement. If that works, consider creating a video slideshow for every page on your site.

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