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  1. Richard Pearce
  2. Site Skills
  3. Thursday, 02 June 2016
G'Day from beautiful Sydney, Australia. Thanks for joining us and I hope we're able to help you build better websites. Here's a few basic rules:

  • take a family-friendly approach to your language - if you wouldn't hear it in a Disney film, don't write it here
  • you are responsible for what you post, so tread carefully as defamation laws have a habit of sending people broke
  • we are also responsible for what you post and as such we reserve the right to remove any posts that we determine to be inappropriate
  • no advertising without asking first

Note that there are essentially two areas where you can create discussions. This forum is for general discussions on how to build better websites. When you take one of our courses, you'll notice a Discussion area there too. This is for discussions relating to the course you're learning. More on that option here.

How to contribute to this forum

  • In order to post or reply on the forum, you need a free account. Register here.
  • Create a new post by selecting the highlighted Ask a Question pencil icon in the toolbar above.
  • Note that you can add relevant tags to your post which will help others with similar questions.
  • The purpose of the URL tab is to add links to pages relevant to your post. This is not to be used to promote your own site. Instead it is helpful if you have a resource to share or need readers to look at a problem you're describing. You can include a link to your website and social media accounts on your profile page which is accessible from the settings link in the toolbar above.

Remember that the only stupid question is the question that is never asked. So please jump in now and let us help you move forward. You might like to get started by creating a post in the Introductions forum.
  Sydney NSW, Australia
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