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  1. Richard Pearce
  2. Site Skills
  3. Thursday, 02 June 2016
Our courses are delivered via a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS). At time of writing, you will need a seperate account on this site for the forum and an account for the LMS site, however down the track we plan to implement a single sign-on feature.

Engaging with the LMS is intuitive and mostly requires no instruction. However note the following:

  • Once you have registered for a course and signed in to the LMS, you can view a list of your courses using the My Dashboard link in the top menu.
  • You can watch videos at full screen by hovering the mouse over the player and selecting the icon at the right of the player bar.


  • If you have a question about something mentioned in a lesson, start a discussion within the course using the Discussion link. It is best to use this forum for general discussions and use the LMS discussions area for topics specific to that course.

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