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I am excited to announce that my latest training course called Kickstart Your Web Design Business is now available. If you know how to build websites, then you can turn those skills into a six figure income by starting a web design business. For the next couple of weeks, the course is 50% off and you’ll also get a fantastic bonus. More about that bonus shortly, but first, let’s talk about our new learning platform. We’re branching out into other training topics, so it made sense to create a new home for all our courses. Site Skills is that new home and you can now find all our training at Yes, this will get a fresh design in the future, but for now the default layout from our learning platform provider is just fine.

The platform itself provides a much nicer learning environment. You can monitor where you’re up to in a course and ask questions right inside the course. When you’re finished, you can download a certificate or add it to your LinkedIn profile. If you’re considering a course, you can see actual student ratings and reviews on each course page. If you’ve taken one of our courses before, you’re going to like this new solution a lot more.

Kickstart Your Web Design Business is for prospective web designers. In it, I walk you through all the steps you need to start your own web design business and find your first paying client. I wish something like this was around when I started back in 1995. This will give you a great head-start and avoid common mistakes made by most beginner web designers. The following video has more details:

In addition to getting your hands on this training at half price, if you enrol before the 15th August, you will get additional help from me via a series of live webinars. These sessions guarantee that your web design business gets off to a strong start. Bring your questions along, as you can ask me anything during these Q & A webinars.

To take advantage of this offer, be sure to use this coupon code during checkout: kick2016

Got questions now? Leave them in the comments at the end of this post.

The Deal

Get Kickstart Your Web Design Business at 50% off

Your questions answered via a series of webinars

Offer ends 15th August


Do I have to use Joomla?
Many readers will have arrived here from our other site, Build a Joomla Website. This course has nothing to do with Joomla. This is about starting your own web design business. What platform you’re using is irrelevant, so if you prefer WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, Expression Engine, Concrete5 or whatever, you’re in good shape.

I missed the deal. Can I get it now?
We get asked this ALL the time and in the past we have been very accommodating. From now, when we say the offers ends, that’s it. If you missed out then I’m sorry, but even at full price, this is remarkable value considering what you can earn.

Is this a one-time offer, or will it be discounted again?
If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I generally do not discount our training. The courses are already great value considering the high quality of training and support. If you want a bargain, get it now!

I already have a web design business. Will I learn how to grow my existing business?
The course was designed to help new people start their web design business. However you might pick-up some tips to ensure you’re doing everything right.

What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal

Is the price in Australian dollars?
No – US dollars

I am a Beyond the Basics member so do I get it for free?
As promised, you get all our Joomla training for free, for life. However this is not a Joomla course, so no, it is not included in that bundle.

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