Creating an online training website yourself is hard, but hiring an agency is expensive.

Launch Your Course is our Do It Together™️ solution that includes training, software and support. Eliminate the hurdles you'd normally encounter when going it alone and instead work with us to get your training online fast, for a fraction of the price you'd pay an agency.

Price or results? Pick one.

You need to get your training online. That means you need to develop a learning management system (LMS). Depending on your budget you have two options; do-it-yourself or hire an agency.

But are either of these the best choice for you?


Don’t have a spare ten grand? Then DIY is the way to go. Or is it? How are you going to do this? You’ll need to spend time trawling through a mix of tutorials, stumble through hours of trial and error with the result taking weeks if not months to complete.


Outsourcing your LMS development to a digital agency is a great solution if you have the budget. However this can be expensive and it’s not uncommon to pay over $10,000. You might also be locked in to their platform and at the mercy of their schedule.

Do It Together


So if do-it-yourself is hard and hiring an agency is expensive, what’s the solution? What if you could get the quality training you need to produce an awesome LMS with the heavy lifting done for you along with support and all the software you need for under $1000?

That’s our Do It Together solution.

  • Create an awesome learning management system 
  • Get all the software you’re likely to need
  • Let us take care of the tricky stuff
  • Get support during the process and the next 12 months
  • Launch your course in 30 days or less

Professional Design

Version one is better than version none so get your site launched fast with your choice of a pre-designed “Starter Site”. These professional site designs look amazing and you can customise them to suit your content and branding. 

Price? Results? Why Not Both?

Launch Your Course is the affordable solution to producing a powerful learning management system.


Self-paced video lessons


Over $1000 of included software


We handle the tricky stuff

Why LearnDash?

One word. Flexibility.

Building your own learning management system gives you the flexibility to:

  1. create fantastic, fully-featured sales pages (like this one!)
  2. include just about any type of content in your lessons such as maps, images with hotspots, tables, charts, forms, photo galleries, slideshows etc.
  3. accommodate everything on one website ensuring consistent design and easier maintenance


Do not buy this yet! Before commencing Launch Your Course, let's ensure all your questions are answered by scheduling an appointment using the link at the bottom of this page. Then when you're ready, return here and select either yearly or monthly.


$ 800
  • Pay up-front and save
  • Includes training, software, support
  • After 12 months, renew for only $400 / year

Easy Pay

$ 80 / MONTH
  • 12 month commitment
  • Includes training, software, support
  • After 12 months, renew for only $40 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other costs?

You'll need a web host and possibly other third-party services such as email marketing. We'll discuss this during our appointment.

What happens if I do not renew?

Your site will continue to work but the software will no longer be updatable which is a security risk. You could then buy your own licences but this is likely to cost more than our renewal fee.

Who owns the various software licences?

The software is licensed to us and as such you need to request support through us, not from the software developer.

Am I stuck with your solution?

No. The Site Skills approach is to empower you to create a site you own, at your preferred web host. You do not have to renew but we believe it is a no-brainer to do so because you'll continue to get support and software updates.

How do I get support?

Weekly online meetings plus a members-only forum. In both cases this is another aspect of our Do It Together philosophy as you get help from both us and other members of the community.

What should I do if I still have questions?

Schedule an appointment and let's chat.

Trust me, I'm a salesman

Q. When is a salesman lying?
A. When their lips are moving.


But I get it. You’ve been around the Interwebs for a while and you’ve probably bought stuff in the past that promised the world but delivered nothing but tears!

Launch Your Course is different. This isn’t just a bunch of on-demand tutorials. We actually spend time working on your site, so it’s in our interests to only offer this solution to you if it makes sense. That’s why the first step is to have a chat to ensure this is indeed the right solution for you.

Nevertheless, if you get started and subsequently feel this is not the right solution, I offer a no-fuss 30-day money back guarantee.


is better than VERSION NONE

Launch fast・Get feedback・Improve

Ready to Teach?

I'd love to help you Launch Your Course. Let's have a chat to discover how our solution will help you reach your goals. 

Launch Your Course

Do It Together