Why You Should Add Live Chat to Your Website ASAP

As prospects, we’ve all experienced that horrible sense of disappointment and annoyance when no one’s around to address our questions about a product or service that we’re keen about.

The same goes for the majority of websites these days. Often, brands and business owners fail to realize that their website is their marketing and sales team rolled into one.

You’ve probably seen that tiny chat box in some websites and thought of it as a nuisance or may be totally unnecessary. I thought so myself.

But it turns out that I was wrong. Customers who opt for live chat support have the highest satisfaction rate – at 92 percent – than phone, email, or even social media support. Apparently, customers prefer the back-and-forth conversation style of live chat.

The Overlooked Benefits of Live Chat

In terms of sales, live chat is a great benefit in warming up your leads and tackling their objections. Whether it’s a first time visitor or a recurring customer, anyone who finds their way to your website is likely to have questions. Your job is to answer these questions as quickly as possible.

By having a live chat feature on your website, it’s easier to capture prospects who are unsure and stop them from heading over to your competitor’s sites. As a result, the chances are high that you can turn these leads into a happy customer. Plus, by having a live chat feature you can also get great insights into your prospects’ major pain points.

Which Live Chat is Right For You?

You’ll find a great deal of live chat solutions out there – from free options to paid alternatives – and it can be tad overwhelming if you’re starting out from scratch.

To help you get started, check out these three live chat software products that we’ve picked for you:


A crowd favorite among small businesses and large organizations alike because it’s intuitive, easy to set up, and has a highly-responsive support. Pricing starts at $16/month. Try it out for free with their 30-day trial.


Another popular live chat solution because it features powerful analytics and integrates with commonly-used CRM platforms and Help Desk software. Pricing starts at $17/month. Olark offers a 14-day trial.


Aside from its targeted live chat feature, Intercom allows you to continue conversations via email if they leave. You can also filter website visitors through the actions they take while browsing your site. Pricing starts at $49/month. A free platform with limited features is also available.

Your Turn to Implement

If you’re done researching for the best live chat tool that perfectly fits your goals and budget, sign up for your software of choice and install it to your site. In most cases, installation is quick and easy. There may be a plugin that you can use or if not, all you need to do is paste a snippet of code in every page where you want the chat box to appear.

You never know – live chat can work wonders for your site and your sales pipeline. Try out one of the solutions we suggested and let us know how it goes after a couple of weeks. We look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts about live chat support!

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