How to Easily Create a Cool Favicon

How to create a Favicon
  1. In your browser NAVIGATE to – this site allows you to create text-based favicons which might sound boring but they look just as professional as the ones the big guys use
  2. In the navigation, SELECT Generator
  3. ENTER the letter or letters you want in the favicon
  4. SELECT the Background style you prefer
  5. SELECT a font – and then if necessary, change the font size so your letters fit nicely
  6. KEEP playing with this until you’re happy with the design
  7. SELECT a colour for the text
  8. And a colour for the background – you can also manually ENTER the hex code of a custom colour if you happen to have a specific colour in mind
  9. When you’re finished, CLICK Download and you’ll get a zip file containing your favicon in various formats

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